Coleman to Bills

Is it worth grabbing Coleman or is he still a wait and see waiver wire guy in season? I’m airing on the wait and see side but thought I’d get the clan’s temperature

The only way I am drafting him is if there seems to be some HUGE connection between him and whoever the Bills finally decide who their quarterback is. Even with that said, it would have to be very late in the draft, and absolutely no other viable Wr left. I am not sure why I’d bother even then.


Waiver wire all day. He has the opportunity, but I want to see 1 game of the new look Bills offense before anything. Either way, when the Bills eventually shit the bed, you will be able to pick him up off waivers.

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Thanks guys, I’m of the same mind and good to hear some similar views!

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This trade does nothing for me personally in term’s of Coleman’s value, but I think it gives Landry a slight bump now that there’s one less guy to compete with. Might be a good sign for Gordon too, if the Browns feel good enough about their situation to start jettisoning receivers

his value goes up. but how much is the real question. and thats so hard to figure out. his value was so low with the browns. there were so many other people there, and all of them way better than him. with the bills, he might actually be the best guy there. i do believe he is better than zay, and benjamin is a TBD but i think he might be better there too. but is AJ the real deal? is allen once he takes over? does it even matter with all of those losses to their o line? i think its good for coleman, i dont think it matters all that much for FFB.