Coleman trade for 1.04?

Another trade I need advice on please been offered Coleman 2.02 3.02 and 4.02 for the 1.04 and the 2.04

Trying to decide whether Coleman next year will be better than say penny or whichever rb falls to me at the 1.04 this year

I’m leaning towards taking the trade?

I would do the trade because i really believe coleman will breakout next year on a new team.

What does the rest of your RB depth look like?

D Lewis
J connor

its basically do I like Coleman next year more than Michael or penny because Barkley and Guice and 100% going 1,2 in my draft

I do this trade, Coleman is a safer bet and you stockpile picks.

I could totally understand making this trade. For me though, Coleman’s situation next year is completely up in the air. There is no question about his skill but he very well could end up in a very similar role he’s in now just somewhere else. I’d personally keep the 1.04 and try to get one of the backs who could be moving into more of a workhorse role. This could just be me in complete rookie hype mode right now haha.

I’ve made the trade, Coleman is proven in the nfl and I think he will end up somewhere next year being the workhorse because he will be on big money next year! And if Barkley penny and Guice go 1,2,3 Id rather Coleman than any other rb this year, thanks for the advice

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I do not believe Coleman is a legitimate feature NFL RB (rather a very high end commitee back/specialist), so no, I would not do this.