Coleman + WR for Cooper (Overpay?)

I thought about trading Tevin Coleman and throwing in a wide receiver like Westbrook, Jones Jr, or Fitzgerald for Amari Cooper. I was curious if this would be an overpay or if swapping in Robert Woods as the receiver would make it an overpay? A buddy of mine thought I was giving up too much and said Coleman for Cooper would be more even, but I thought it was a fair trade. Thoughts?

I probably would be lacking at RB depth, but I was curious on people’s opinions.

My current RBs & WRs:

RBs: Barkley, Bell, Coleman, Sanders, C. Thompson, Mattison, Henderson
WRs: Lockett, Woods, Fitz, Jones Jr, Westbrook

I like the idea. I think I would try to ship Fitz, he’s older so more likely to regress in the latter part of the season

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I agree. The kid I’m looking to trade with was interested in the idea as well, but we only talked about Coleman and didn’t specify a receiver. He’s 2-5 and just lost Kerryon, so we’ll see how he’s feeling.

If that’s the case he needs the RB bad and will take Fitz and even mention to him that Kirk might not be back this week so it would help him win this week

Thought I should let you know I just completed this trade.

Coleman + Marvin Jones for Cooper