Collins dropped, who to cut?

Collins was dropped in a 10 team 1/2 ppr league and I’m stuck on who to drop in this waiver request:

QBs: Wilson, Wentz
RBs: Gordon, Fournette, Ingram, Henry, Thompson, Williams
WRs: Hopkins, Kupp, Cole, Godwin

The easiest drop seems like Godwin, but with such little WR depth I fear that I should really drop a RB which has me leaning towards Henry or Williams. I feel like Thompson has much better value in 1/2 point than those two.

I think I’d drop Cole rather than Godwin. You should trade 2 RBs for a better WR like Landry or Robinson.

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I ended up selecting Williams for the waiver request, but would much rather make a deal than drop him to waivers. I should also add that I’m waiver claim #9 so it’s not likely I get Collins unless this league is complete trash.

What would you suggest as a package? I doubt Henry/Williams are enough to move the needle for someone worthwhile. The Yeldon owner has Julio, AJ Green and Davante Adams. I was debating a straight up trade involving Fournette for one of them. My only issue with that is I would have to decide between Thompson, Henry and Williams on a weekly basis for my RB2 slot.