Collins for Ertz (Trade Advice)

I just traded away M. Williams and T. Burton for D. Adams (owner was tilting) so I have no TE with no real viable TE to stream so I’m thinking about taking this trade. I’m a little thin on RB’s if I make this trade but my RB’s are J. Howard, S. Michel, M. Ingram, P. Barber, and L. Bell. Standard league, what do you guys think?

Yeah you’ll hurt at rb but you’ll have one week before ingram comes back and he’ll still get touches. And with burkhead on ir now michel should get an uptick as well. If it doesn’t work out soon you could try to dangle bell for low end rb1 upper rb and see what happens.

I thought about that too but the only real thing that worries me is that I’d be playing with no real RB2 if Michel doesn’t work out immediately since Howard has a week 5 bye. But I guess its no worse than playing with a bad TE who can goose me

Sounds good. Too much value to pass up the first trade. And finding a TE like Ertz would be harder than finding a reliable RB. Looks good all around to me.