Collins for Landry

.5 PPR Looking to increase WR depth. Thinking of offering Alex Collins for Jarvis Landry. Is that too low or who else would be a good WR2 that I could get for Collins?

You should, you’re rb’s are fine and landry would make a nice flex in .5. He is my wr2 in .5 currently. I think you’ll get more out of him than collins


No way I’d accept that if I was the Landry owner though

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He came back with Landry and Tyreek Hill for Collins and Dalvin Cook. It’s not too bad. Thoughts?

I’d pull the trigger on that

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I would do this as well

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Yeah. I’m kinda liking it too. Allows me to dump Collins. I like Cook’s upside, but these are two legit WRs. Gonna do a little research first, but I’ll probably end up taking this deal.

I accepted it. The more I looked at it, the more I liked it.

This is robbery. Collins for Landry was a lowball. He somehow lowballed himself even more by adding hill lol. Amusing.

He made a worse trade worse for himself. Accept this before it is too late.

I would look to package a Howard and Tyreek for another stud RB.

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Do it. And don’t look back.

The guy I made the deal with was desperate for some RBs. His were Crowell, D. Freeman, Coleman, Mike Davis, and R. Freeman. He definitely took a shot to WR depth though. Now all he has is Cooks, Lockett, Fuller, and Sanu.

Already been thinking about that. Got my eye on Kareem Hunt or Barkley.