Collins for McCoy

With all the risk surrounding the bills and McCoy… would you trade McCoy for Collins?

The only reason I wouldn’t is I don’t trust the Ravens to ride him. I feel like they have no loyalty to the RB position at all. McCoy is at least going to get all the work and I do think Allen will help a little bit.

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That makes sense. Thank you!

I just answered to your other thread. Here is what I wrote… hope it helps!

“”"Thats a tough one… I own both of them in different leagues.

Mccoy - I think Mccoy is the much better RB but the Bills look AWFUL. I think that they are starting Josh Allen over Peterman helps though. McCoy certainly has more volume upside than Collins and thus the higher ceiling but I think defenses will just stack the box against him.

Collins - Collins started off hot but had 7 rush attempts to Dixon’s THIRTEEN and Dixon looked good. Buck Allen assumed the pass catching role which won’t change. Dixon is now on the IR and can’t come back until Week 11… so most of those rush attempts will go to Collins and that is going to help A LOT.

Conclusion - Me personally, I would wait another week to see if how much of an improvement Josh Allen is and how much more volume Collins gets (and how that will translate into Fantasy Points). Then we’ll have a better idea. Off the bat, I think McCoy wins here though."""

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