Collins Must-Start Tonight?

If Carson doesn’t play tonight is Collins a start or should I hold out until Sunday and go Samaje Perine/Zack Moss/Mike Davis? I am assuming Mixon will not play Sunday. League is 1/2 PPR.

The rest of my line up is:

  • QB: Jalen Hurts
  • RB1: Aaron Jones
  • WR: Ridley
  • WR: Metcalf
  • Flex; Hopkins

I’m wondering the same thing. The rams have been run on recently, Edmons and Conner did well vs them last week. If Collins has the backfield to himself it seems like a good play

If it were my team I think I would start Collins over those other options if Carson sits tonight. Perine is the only close call for me if Mixon doesn’t play. I think they’d rely on him as the bell-cow like they do Mixon, but I think they’ll decide to throw it a lot more than they have been recently. Moss and Davis are just hard to trust, I’d rather have the upside of either of the other two

I am in a 1/2 PPR as well and am trying to decide between

  • Josh Jacobs
  • Alex Collins
  • Jamaal Williams

Right now Jamaal is at the bottom of my list since his target numbers have been dropping and he saw 0 targets this past week. Collins seems more healthy and dynamic than Jacobs and is in a better matchup

Thanks for your perspective. I tend to agree with everything you said.

For your situation, I would go Colliins if Carson sits. If Carson goes, then I would go Jacobs since he is their starter even tough he does look banged up.

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