Collusion by Friendship?

So, when is it time to approach a player in the league because he’s altering the competitive balance of the league, but he only trades with 2 guys.

League is in year 6, live draft, we all know each other, 12 guys most of us are close friends, some closer with others than others obviously.

However, this is getting ridiculous.

Last 2 trades.

Team A (Really Friendly Friend)
Team B (Friend #1)
Team C (Friend #2)

Trade rules are that “as long as there is no evidence of collusion, all trades will go through.”

Last weeks trade.

Team A trades:
Demarco Murray and Jimmy Graham

Team B trades:
Alvin Kamara

This week:

Team A trades:
Devonta Freeman and Drew Brees

Team C (commissioner) trades:
Zeke Elliot and Matthew Stafford

Is it just me, or did Team A turned:

Demarco Murray
Devonta Freeman
Jimmy Graham
Drew Brees


Alvin Kamara
Zeke Elliott
Matthew Stafford

By the way, you can’t keep players that were drafted in the first 2 rounds and you lose the pick in the round that your keeper’s ADP sits in. So Team A can keep Zeke for a first rounder next year (he was a third this year) and Kamara at whatever value he slots out at.

I do think it can be annoying if a few teams only trade with particular teams, but I don’t think it’s a deal breaker. They are probably in a text chain together or something and just barter back and forth there. Honestly, those trades don’t look horrible. I think Team A is actually worse off than they were before those trades happened. The first trade is lopsided in team B’s favor, and the second trade is pretty even, maybe even leaning towards team C.