Collusion/Cheating What does the Footclan think?

So I am the League manager in my league and have just been accused of Collusion/Cheating by a friend over a trade that is about to be voted on and wanted the Footclans opinion on the trade and how yall would handle this issue. Obviously I didnt cheat or I wouldnt be asking this question.

About to be a long explanation of what happened so if you dont want to read just skip to the rosters/trade.

We will call my friend accusing me of cheating as Steve and the person I am trading as Bob. I reached out to Bob to trade DJ Moore and D’Andre Swift for Stefon Diggs, he would be giving me Diggs. Bob said he wanted Brandin Cooks and D’Andre Swift instead for Stefon Diggs. I agreed and we sent the trade out. Then Steve messages me pissed saying this is me cheating and trying to stack my team and that Bob is loosing (his record is 3/5) and just dumping his players and that I shouldnt be league manager and Bob should be kicked out of the league. Steve pointed out to me that Bob has Will Fuller so him wanting Brandin Cooks doesnt make since. I agreed and reached out to Bob and Bob said he is betting on the rumored GB Trade for Fuller. If it happens he has a second option on GB and a first option on Texans and if it doesnt he would trade Fuller for a different piece. I tell Steve this and he said he doesnt care and he dropped Cooks before so he is a shitty player and the future doesnt matter only the trade that is happening now. At this point Steve said he called and talked to his 3 friends that he brought to the league and that they are pissed and going to vote no on the trade. 2 of them had already told me they were fine with the trade so now I am taking this as Steve colluding with his 3 friends to veto the trade just because he doesnt like it. Steve says because I am in first place this is a shitty trade and me just stacking my team. I am only in first place out of pure luck. I am in 7/10 place for Points For and 1/10 place for Points Against. Meaning almost every week the person playing me has just had their worst game and I only win by a small margin. This last week I won 90 vs 88.

So now for the Rosters & Trade. 10 Team League. HPPR.

Trade is Cooks/Swift for Diggs

My Roster
QB Kyler Murray
RB Josh Jacobs
RB Chase Edmonds
RB Antonio Gibson
RB D’Andre Swift
RB Giovani Bernard
RB Le’Veon Bell
WR DJ Moore
WR Brandin Cooks
WR Tee Higgins
WR Kenny Golladay
WR Antonio Brown
TE Travis Kelce
D/ST Rams
K Randy Bullock

Bobs Roster
QB Mathew Stafford
RB Jonathan Taylor
RB Boston Scott
RB Justin Jackson
RB Nick Chubb
WR AJ Brown
WR Stefon Diggs
WR Michael Thomas
WR JuJu Smith-Schuster
WR Will Fuller
WR Corey Davis
TE Mark Andrews
TE Eric Ebron
D/ST Titans
K Matt Prater


Seems fair and a 3-5 record can still get playoffs. Is the guy that’s mad in last or had issues before?


No he is 4/4. He is just one of those people that if he gets something in his mind then thats how it is and nothing will change his mind. He thinks Cooks and Swift are crappy WR3 and RB3 players and Diggs is #5 WR so its me colluding with Bob to make sure I win. He says Diggs is Bobs best player and shouldnt be traded. I disagree about that but that is irrelevant.

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I don’t see anything wrong with the trade. “Bob” has good WR depth so trading away Diggs is not the end of the world for his team. Also it seems clear that Bob isn’t just trading away players because he’s given up on the season. He wants Cooks due to the possible Fuller trade and that’s his prerogative, I wouldn’t take any issue with this if I was in the league


Everyone is tradable for the right people and for pieces they want.


I don’t see anything wrong with the trade. Bob gave a good reason for stacking Hou Wrs and has a potential fall back plan if Fuller to GB doesn’t happen. Bob has a good team and still has lots of depth at WR. If this trade doesn’t happen because of Steve’s issue then this should be addressed with the league as a whole. Besides this is transaction btw you and Bob so Steve should but out.


It is a decent trade to me. Slightly in your favor, IMHO, but nothing that screams collusion to me.

Also, last time I checked, if someone wants to trade their players, they can. Regardless if they are fantasy studs or not.

Leagues are all different. In my “Cry Baby” league, my Swift/Godwin for their Gurley, trade vetoed. In that same league, I was the only one who vetoed Gibson/Claypool for Hopkins/Conner. I was so aggravated after that crap of a trade.

Unfortunately, trades are subjective to how team owners value players.

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I appreciate everyone’s opinions. I am hoping to use this as a point of reference when I talk to Steve about the validity of the trade.

how in the world were you the only one to veto gibson/claypool for hopkins/conner, lol


Not sure if this is dyno or redraft. Guessing dyno.

TBH the trade looks fair. You might like one side more, but it’s not a slam dunk. Last year people were down on Diggs. Swift looks good and Cooks can still boom, but if the trade talk is real then that’s a baller move. IF not, well it’s still Cooks who holds some value.

Trades are all about timelines, not at the moment IMHO. Veto ought to be a last resort. I do not offer it in my leagues. If parties involved agree, then it’s good. As commish I do look at actions and have talked to folks, but in the end we are all paying to play. I do not think this move unfairly stacks / hurts one team over the other.

Sadly there are always ‘trade police’ in league who hit a calculator to see if things are ‘fair’ or it is just their view. Not all trades are fair in every conceivable way. It’s unfortunate when people make a mountain out of a molehill. Typically it’s due to their team being under-performing or they wish they’d made the deal.

If I were you, I’d not worry about it. If nearly half the league thinks that trade is veto worthy (4 of 10 by your comments), I’d be looking for a different league.


Yea thats a pretty one sided trade…gibson/claypool for hopkins/conner. Was somebody just really afraid of hopkins injury?

Thanks Octoberland. This is a redraft league…dont have enough consistent players for a dyno league. Would love to get it there though. Well right now we are waiting for votes but Steve brought 3 friends into the league this year since we needed spots to fill. Before when he was ranting he told me he called his 3 friends and that they will vote no. So pretty sure he has his 3 votes. But I agree on the new league part, this will be the last time he is invited to the league.


That sucks for sure, but at least it’s redraft. That takes a bit of the sting out of it. Can you remind the other 2 they were good with it before? Or if they really make a stink of it, can you just put back in DJM?

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Brother you’ve done nothing wrong. Some people are just cupcakes: soft, and get eaten up. And who cares about stacking a team? As long as it’s within the rules. But I get your frustration. True story: I forfeited $1000 championship a few years back. I won by a 2 point conversion, and my opponent-a friend, was such a sore loser and so mad, he said he didn’t know 2pt conversions counted. They had clearly been in use all season, and everyone told him he was wrong. But it became such an issue, I said “F*** it dude, whatever”. Never played in that again. Moral: some people are just sore ‘players’- win or lose. It sounds like it’s getting personal in your league. And it’s rough when ‘friends’ are involved. I don’t know how to solve your problem. But I know exactly what you’re going through. Good luck brosef


I can try but would be pretty shitty to force Bob to accept a trade he doesnt really want to do just because someone else doesnt think its fair.


Man that sucks. To go from such a high from winning to have to deal with that…sorry about that. But yea I was mainly trying to see if he was right and it was a bogus trade or if I was right and it was a legit trade. Thanks again though.

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The team that received Claypool/Gibson has almost all rookies on their team now.


Deonte Harris

It was sickening to see that trade go through, especially since my trade (which was way more of equal value) was denied.

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LOL that looks more like an experiment than an actual team.

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Well trade was officially vetoed.

Asked one of the people why they vetoed and they said its just because I am in 1st place and they dont want my team getting better so they can win.