Collusion Delusion

In my Yahoo FF league THE COMMISH OF ALL PEOPLE tried to CHEAT last night!! I think it is only fair that he receives an automatic LOSS for the week. Other opinions are greatly appreciated. Below is the chain of events that took place.

Commish and other player agree to a trade. Commish sending Jimmy Graham to other player for Will Fuller. The trade was set to pass on the 7th unless it was vetoed first. Commish has Gronk who is ruled inactive for TNF a few hours before game time. The commish FREAKS out realizing he now has no TE to start & starts text messaging friends in the league to obtain enough vetos for his trade to get Graham back for the week. Is that not collusion!? Is that not cheating!? The commish vetoed, and he got 2 other “friends” to veto (who did not fully understand that they were cheating as well – or so they say). I called him out in the message board and he clearly knew it was wrong as he quickly put the trade back. I still think he should suffer a loss this week.


That’s super shady.

It’s good that he reactivated the trade but still kinda like saying sry after you have been caught…

I would be fine with an automatic loss but don’t know if it needs to be that harsh.

But for sure I think he should forfeit all TE points this week as a punishment.

This again is another example why I will never play in a league where you can vote on trades… Ive never seen a situation where it helps… All it does is create problems like this.

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It is shady but he at least put it back. Not sure why he can’t drop a bench player and pick up a TE. Play the week out as is

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He ended up picking up Allen and getting a goose egg for TE anyway. I suppose thats his karma & I will drop it. Good idea. TY.

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