Collusion here?

A 1-6 team is trading Brandon Cooks to a 4-3 team for Desean Jackson. I am not involved in the trade.

I’m the commissioner and I see it as one sided but ultimately not collusion. Some of my league mates are up in arms about this trade and I wanted to make sure this was legit.

Is this is a friendly league? Any monetary prizes (trophy or $$) involved?

Looks like the 1-6 team is helping the 4-3 team to get to the playoffs. Trading Cooks for Jackson is not a fair trade but the agreement is betwe3n 2 teams and it should be honored. I know its not fair, but unless there is a precedence set up where its not allowed (need to be proved why), then the trade should be allowed. The other team members wont like it, but hey… nothing is fair when its fantasy war :wink:

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Also just traded Jordan Howard & Crabtree for Alex Collins & Sanders.

by the same player??

Yup. They ultimately reworked the trade with Cam instead of Collins. Still one sided, but better.

If it’s by the same player this is obvious collusion. I don’t even care if it’s not - veto the crap out of those trades.

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Yea - I agree. One time is fine, but repeated trades is unfair to the rest of the team. Also - I would suggest that you use this as a platform to determine whether the trade is fair in general and to the league. If not, you are robbing the fun out of it

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Yeah, I’d be pissed about these trades as well. Last season the same sort of thing happened in my league and the guy getting the better players ultimately won the championship (beating me in the finals nonetheless).

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I always rely on this forum and others to determine collusion, but ultimately the reworked trades don’t quite get there for me. This is a league of friends, and we are competitive. Before allowing any suspect trade, I’ll talk to both owners and try to see their perspective. It’s hard to keep everyone happy and keep the league fair.

This is pretty bad. The first trade wasn’t great but was passable. The Howard and Crabtree one is bad. I get that people have that “it’s a trade between two teams and should be honored thing” but I don’t necessarily buy into that as a concrete rule. While as the commissioner I def think you need to keep out of other team’s business as much as possible, you also have a duty to look out for the league as a whole. If you let stuff like this go on your league will be no more. So while I think you need to pick your battles carefully, one such as this is something that I would def do a little looking into.

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Okay, the Cooks for Jackson could be passed off as the guy being uneducated with fantasy (but I mean cmon, that’s a stretch) but the other trade is so far off I can’t even think straight man. He’s giving his best players away for a bag of potato chips and a thank you note.

Doing a 1 for 1 trade that are both the same position pretty much has to be collussion when the players are that far off. We’re talking a WR1 for a boom bust flex option lol. That’s either collussion or an owner taking advantage of a rookie owner (the only two situations I veto in). So basically, I’d veto the hell out of it and publically say why.

Best of luck man.

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Seems like either collusion or someone taking advantage of another for not knowing as much. Either way I don’t like it. I really don’t like it if it’s a money league as that is extremely unfair to everyone else. 2 trades to the same team that are unfair seems like it points in the wrong direction for me. I wouldn’t veto yet, but I for sure hear both sides and make a decision from there.

Yeah, it’s a non cash league. Zero benefit to tanking as well since it’s redraft and just a bunch of buddies. I’ve been commissioner for 3 of our 8 years as a league and there’s always a few one sided trades, but this guy is trying to fire sell for no reason.