Collusion in my league?

Team A is 1-5 and is rostering Brate at TE with McDonald and Uzomah available on waivers. Yesterday, Team A traded away Royce Freeman to Team B (3-3 record) to get O.J. Howard at TE. Today, Team A traded away Hilton to Team B for D. Thomas and Ebron at TE. Now Team A has Brate, Howard and Ebron. Team A has previously traded 1 other time with the same team.

What would you make of this situation?

You have a TACO in your league, only instead of kickers they hoard tight ends…


IDK, seems fishy, may this person is possibly just an idiot.

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Is team A new to fantasy football?

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great point I was just about to ask that. Let’s say this is your home league, you’ve played with these people before. Is team A a notorious TE horder? Are they bad at fantasy/ new? Are they best buds with Team B? Lots of factors here

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Seems like someone is thinking TEs have value right now so I will scoop some up and trade them for other stuff?

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I mean, it isn’t the most unordinary thing for someone to roster 3 TEs. I wouldn’t recommend that strategy but I’ve seen it before.

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Idk. They drafted DJ, Baldwin and Fitz early, so their record is bad due to some bad luck at the top of the draft. To me it looks like team A is just saying “screw it I give up” and dumping players to Team B to help them remain competitive.

I’m new to the league. Half of the people know eachother (Team A and team B included) and the other half (me included) joined as strangers to fill out the 12-team league.

Okay gotcha. I mean I wouldnt go screaming collusion over it. First of all, Royce Freeman has been pretty bad, if I had RB depth I would totally consider trading him for OJ Howard. Next, DT still has a ton of NAME VALUE. Team A could be chasing those points from Ebron (6 TDs in 6 weeks) and believing DT will bounce back. ALSO since Hilton has been banged up, he may be looking to get rid of potential injury risks on his team, since he’s desperate for wins and can’t afford mistakes.

All in all, we don’t know what’s going on, but this just seems like a bit of poor management, not necessarily collusion.

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I haven’t seen 3 TE’s rostered on the leagues I play in unless it’s a team with Olsen/ Engram in the IR slot as the 3rd TE, but OK. Team A has still only traded with 1 other team in the league all season, so it’s hard to see them stashing TE’s with the goal of trading them away to different teams later IF that’s the strategy.

In this case, a team traded for a TE on the same opposing team on consecutive days when they already had one rostered. I mean, if you like OJ Howard better, why also trade that same team to get Ebron a day later? If you like Ebron better and want to ride him out until Doyle comes back, why trade for OJ Howard from the same team the day before while continuing to roster Brate?

Thanks for the feedback : )

thanks for the feedback : )