Collusion issue

So I made a trade in my league and several people are calling for it to be overturned. I want to let you all decide.
Our league is a standard 8 team league. No playoffs every body plays everyone twice best record wins league. I have finished second by one game last two years. The team I have traded with was an expansion team three years ago and has been last every year with only 5 total wins in those three years.

I traded
Drew Brees, Derrick Henry, Jordan Howard, Antonio Brown, Keenan Allen, Tyler Boyd, David Njoku, and a 2020 1st
Saquon Barkley and 2019 2nd (9th overall)

This means my team of note is
QB: luck, wilson, winston
Rb:zeke, saquon, kerryon, A.jones, guice, shady, and rashad penny
WR: Evans, OBJ, Watkins, Amari, sutton, and C. Davis
TE: Kittle and burton
(I traded ertz for evans in a subsequent trade)

His team of note is the players in the trade with robby anderson, mark Ingram, mayfield, and phillip Rivers.

My thoughts are that I know I gave up too much. My starting lineup is better now and his team is better. Which means he might be able to give people a few more losses and help my chances. While my team is still better and should win out in the end.

What are your thoughts?

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I don’t know if collusion is the right word…

But that trade isn’t even close on so many levels.

I understand what you are saying about your team still being solid and now it lets him compete but I don’t think you are being fair to the other owners…

This is why leagues should have a set of rules in place so everyone knows what is and what isn’t ok.

Ya you paid to much but you gave away players you don’t necessarily need and teams overpay all the time to get a player they want and as long as you were just paying what you had to to get Barkley and not just giving him players for the hell of it then I see nothing wrong with it

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Yeah agreed. If you didn’t just give him players for the sake of hurting the other teams then I see nothing wrong here. Hard part is proving that to the league.

The only thing I could have kept was mayb boyd. He wanted Antonio and then the equivalent of a starting line up

Tell them if it will them feel better you will take back Boyd lol

I would be ok with that. I think the major problem they have is the one sidedness of the trade. But i would rather have a stud starting lineup then a bunch of middle of the pack guys. Plus I have had a good couple of drafts and think I can carry the loss of the trade with young guys.

If I was in your league I would be angry at your team, not the other one. But it’s easier to complain about all the assets the other team got than accept maybe this actually pretty even in the end (like both teams come away better off - isn’t that what all good trades should do?).

In saying that I miss my 8 team league deeply and congrats on the future championship haha


Ya no kidding what there probably really pissed about is the fact your team is so stacked and you gave away guy you don’t really need and added Barkley to an already crazy good lineup and now your most likely gonna stomp everyone unless injuries

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Yea I am worried about injuries but everyone on my team is fairly young so if I lose them for a year. They still have plenty of other years to give me.

My argument has been that I have lost the last two years by one game. I felt like I had to make a move to get me over the hump.

Honestly man I think you wanted to improve your team and you did that and now they they might be trippin cause your team is to good but that’s a them problem

I commission a league where everyone likes to yell Collusion about anything they don’t like (thanks, The League) and anyway, unless you were bringing in Saquon just to win the title but then traded him back afterwards that’s the only real unfair “colluding” way this would have played. Sounds like an all around fair enough deal that was beneficial to both parties, which is pretty much best case scenario.


Sure you paid a lot but you got upgrade at Saquon Barkley. I think something that others are not accounting for here is that this is an 8 team league. In 8 team leagues, WRs do not retain value. Studs are the ones that hold the most value cause every positional advantage gained in an 8 man league is crucial. And Barkley is one of 3-4 guys that give you a positional advantage at RB.

I personally wouldn’t call this collusion, I can see what you’re trying to do. You already have Evans, OBJ and Cooper. All studs. And your RB2 was Derrick Henry which is not ideal. You upgraded to the best in the game and still have enough depth with A Jones and Penny.

You went all in to win. If I was a commissioner, I wouldn’t veto this trade. You overpaid but I can see where you’re coming from.

People don’t get that bad trades are NOT collusion. Collusion ONLY happens if both make a trade with conditions OUTSIDE the league itself such as splitting the pot. LET PEOPLE MANAGE THEIR OWN TEAMS! Besides, this trade looked fine to me.

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