Collusion? League veto’s trade

Had a trade for Morris and Breida get accepted, I’m the commissioner and my league wanted th option to veto and this is the first to get turned down. Now I got two owners that don’t wanna “try” now because of this trade. Also, these two owners happen to be in a relationship with each other and haven’t traded with anyone else. Was it fair to veto?

Was the trade Morris for Breida? Not sure if it was those two being swapped or it included those two with other players not listed.

It was Morris for Breida and then was told whoever got Morris was just gonna drop them instead of dropping someone else on their lineup

Ahhhhh ok.

Well that last little tidbit is a bit concerning. Usually I’m against vetoing trades. This trade on the surface seems fair, however if the person getting Morris did this trade with the anticipation of dropping Morris right after, it seems there is a little back channel discussion going on.

Allow me:
P1: I think I’m going to drop Breida. He gets hurt too much can’t start him
P2: Oh dang i would much rather have Breida over Morris maybe I’ll pick him up
P1: What is your waiver priority?
P2: Oh dang, I’m 1 and don’t want to burn that. How about we just trade players and you just drop Morris after
P1: Deal. Let’s trade and then I’ll drop Morris.
P2: Great. Where do you want to go to dinner?

The trade basically does not help the Morris short term owner at all and it is hard to justify why they would do this trade other than improving the other person’s team. So it does seem a bit fishy to me.

Yeah seemed a little off at first, but if they were to swap Breida and Drake that would of have been passed but I guess this one was too fishy

breida for morris makes no sense. that has to be collusion, but honestly its not that big of a swap. regardless i’d veto because it makes no sense

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I have made trades like such before. If i have a guy who i refuse to start but am too prideful to drop due to percieved value or draft position. I’ll trade for someone i can justify dropping as long as there is a valid replacement. It could be seen as a way to control others rosters also. For example if someone is really rb weak and i am playing them this week i don’t want to risk dropping breida and them picking him up so i trade him to another team for a wr to make my opponent worse.

I’ve seen some pretty robbery trades, and have let those past only because it was 1 for 2 or overpaying for a WR but never a starter for a 3rd depth RB