Collusion - Leaguemates Veto Trade

Leaguemates vetoed trade I made with the commish. I send Gurley+Diggs and get Julio+Agholor in redraft standard. They explicitly stated that they don’t want me to get Julio, thinking I’ll run away with the ship. Am I wrong in thinking that the trade is fair, if not better for the commish? Should I ask for a refund of my buy in?

I completely agree with you. This trade should favor the commish. He’s getting 2 high end starters.

Commish gets the better package, but in general, that’s a BS reason to veto a trade. Collusion is the only acceptable reason for a veto. I’d be looking for a different league if they think that’s ok. I don’t see how that’s Collusion.

This right here is why voting on trades is rediculous… Yes I would find a new league asap…

That’s dumb, get a new league.

If they don’t want you to run away with it they should be making deals to improve their teams too. Vetoing a trade because a team is improving itself is bs especially since the teams that veto trades are usually the ones who think they’ll win it all if nobody does a deal like you tried to do. The commish is getting the better deal here because he’s getting 2 high end players and you’re basically just getting Julio as Agholor is trash. But if that rounds out your team to make it elite then so be it. Get your money back now and find a new league.