Collusion on this trade ? Help!

Team A is 4-2 and he’s getting K. Hunt.
Team B is 1-5 and he’s getting Aj Green and Edelman.
What do you think is this collusion from both team? They are making team A stronger. With this trade the strongest running back will be Crowell .

It doesn’t jump out at me as collusion. Is it the best trade in the world? Maybe not. But team B does need WR depth and maybe they figure they needed to give up a big piece to get it. It does leave their team weaker at RB for sure, but they still have Fournette on the horizon and Carson has been decent.

EDIT although I have no idea what team B will do for an RB2 this week.

Nah that’s not collusion. The value is pretty much equal. It might not make sense for roster construction, but they need WRs and they’re probably banking on Fournette being good when he is back.

Nah, he’s using his best asset to acquire a solid solution to his WR problem - is it a deal that I’D make? probably not (given the options likely on waivers are mostly wide outs, I’d try and stream that until I get some guys back from injury) but everyone plays differently.