Collusion or bad trade?

I’ve got 2 players in my league who are husband/wife. This is the wifes first year playing. She is 1-9 he is 5-5. She just traded Justin Jefferson for Knox and Mike Davis. While she’s not in the playoff run she is trying to maintain an active roster and needs a TE and her RBs have been decimated all year.

However him getting Jefferson is questionable and I’m debating on bringing it up for a vote. Thoughts?

As a Commish myself, unless I get lots of backlash from other team owners, I leave trades alone.

Owners value their players differently. JJ maybe worth more to you, but clearly was worth Knox/Davis to that owner.

Now that being said, since they are married, does the 5-5 team getting JJ instantly make him a powerhouse contender? If not, I say let it ride (unless backlash of course), if so then bring it up for a vote.

My 2-cents worth. Hopefully it helps some.

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Well, Davis and Knox were on his bench, which brings his WR corp to much higher level. But trade analyzers gave me mixed results.