Collusion or not?

I’m in a 12-man PPR league and Member A is not able to control his team b/c of extenuating private circumstances. Member B is running Member A’s team while he’s unable to; setting up his lineup each week and choosing waiver players for him as well as his own. Member B is also talking to an additional member, Member C, about the lineup and waiver pickups. The rest of the 12-man league doesn’t know about any of this and all three of them think this is fine and in no way unfair or give anyone an advantage. Am I wrong in thinking that this is unfair to the rest of the league, gives an unfair advantage to both Member B and C and is the definition of collusion?

I talk to other teams about waivers and stuff every week. Have there been any trades between the three teams or benching a person that would likely start(cook or cmc caliber players)?

That’s a different one…depends on the league itself and how familiar everyone is with each other…it should definitely be common knowledge though. The fact that its secret is greasy, and the potential for abuse is pretty clear and present. Personally it would come down to how much I trusted the people in question.

I think it depends on how they are making moves if members b and c have their own teams and are making moves for themselves and not for the team their “helping” that could be an issue. or if they are benching starting players or making terrible trades. other than that it should just be known to everyone

I mean this is absolutely collusion. I’m not kicking them out of the league or anything but that has to stop immediately.

I’ve definitely helped out people before, I’m in a league where a couple of my friends are in their first league. But if for instance there is a player jm planning on adding via waiver I don’t do anything underhanded.

I didn’t know it was happening until yesterday so I’m not sure about previous weeks. This will be a tell for the lineup.

He claims he’s “making the best decisions for Member A’s team.” My issue with that is he isn’t Member A and can’t 100% recreate the same decisions and he has the advantage of know who he can’t get himself if Member A is above him in the waiver order.

That’s what I thought too.

Discussing line ups or even waivers is one thing but setting someone else’s line ups and choosing who they pick up is another

I agree conversation about it is one thing but making the decisions for someone else’s team and your own without the rest of the league knowing to me is collusion.