Collusion? Out of playoff contention player dump for next year picks

Team A gets:

  • M. Crabtree
  • T. Hill
  • Team B’s 2018 8th round pick

Team B gets:

  • M. Lee
  • J. Maclin
  • Team A’s 2018 4th round pick

I believe they are trying to justify the gross imbalance of players here with the pick swap, however I believe the pick swap is too minor.

Team A is 99% locked into playoffs, and atop the league at 7-1 and Team B is second last 3-6 with a 1% chance at making playoffs.

To me, it wreaks of collusion, Team B is packing it in for the year, and the trade is grossly one sided.

I’d hear thoughts on weather this is collusion or not.

That’s part of the problem with trading future draft picks and keeper leagues that you run into. I’ve played in those leagues and couldn’t stand teams that would mail it in for future draft picks because you can’t really argue that the trade isn’t equitable for both sides, but it always made one team just stacked…Team A is the clear winner, but it is justifiable by Team B because of the pick swap (although I think he can and hsould try and get more). I wouldn’t say its collusion no.

You have to start with the premise that each team is looking out for their own best interests. If Team B thinks it’s a fair deal (he must if he’s doing it and we are assuming he’s looking out for his own interest), there really isn’t anything you can do (again, which is why it is so stupid to trade draft picks because that’s the only way this trade is remotely fair). In my opinion, the commish should only block a trade if:

  1. There is collusion, which in one sentence means “one player for whatever reason is not looking out for their teams best interest”
  2. Strong players preying on the weak and less informed (within reason)…For instance, You can’t target the 75 year old Cowboys fan who think Leveon Bell is a bum because he held and and trade him Cole Beasley for Bell…

I think this trade needs to stand, and trades like this are why I’m not in keeper leagues or leagues where you can trade future draft picks.

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Well said, thanks for the reply.