Collusion Q

Last week two players in our league traded. Mixon (from player A) for Goedert (from player B). This caused some outrage from some other players, but I am of the opinion that unless their is collusion or the trade is completely ridiculous, then it should go through. It got past the veto period and went through.

Today, new information came to light. Before making the above trade, Player A sent a message to another player (Not the player the actual Mixon trade was with) asking for a trade. This was the message “can I please borrow Williams or Jones as one of my RB’s for this weekend? I’ll send you a dummy trade for one of them, and then I’ll trade him back to you next week. I assume you’ll play Jones in flex so if Williams is available that’d be great. There no one on waivers”

After some investigation I am confident that that actual trade that went through wasn’t about any sort of “dummy” trade. One sided maybe, but Mixon has been terrible and the guy that traded Mixon away doesn’t have much idea about the NFL.

However, I feel there should still be punishment for trying to collude with the other player. I was thinking of wiping off his FAAB. He currently has only $12 left. Is this enough of a punishment If the trade was collusion I was going to make Mixon undroppable, but he scores 0 every week. But without proof of collusion and fairly confident there wasn’t in the end, is the FAAB enough punishment? Or any other type of punishment?


Lol, explain that you know it was collusion and why and just reverse the trade man. Kick the guy out of the league next year. ‘Punishment’ is such a weird concept for fantasy football.

Thanks man. The issue with reversing the trade is that he then later traded an RB to someone else this week. He wouldn’t have done that if he didn’t then have the RB depth

That’s tough. I’d privately contact the team managers and get a poll for what course to take. FWIW I feel most major decisions should be made collectively.

Great idea man. Thanks heaps :+1:t2:

He is a good guy so will see what the others say

Obviously there is a clear winner in the trade but I think the collusion I see is him trying to borrow a player for a week. I would poll the rest of the league and see their opinion, but I’d probably kick him out and find a new player. Depending on the league, like if you know everyone or not, I would at least a rule for next season making it clear that collusion will result in removal from the league

In order to execute a punishment you must have clearly defined bylaws. My guess is that since your seeking guidance you don’t have any or they don’t account for this situation.

As the commish, use this an education moment to remind the league of what is expected. Prepare or enhance your bylaws in the off-season.

Yeah, I agree. I don’t think I would kick them out, but definitely use this to establish guidelines and rules so this problem doesn’t arise again

and to avoid tanking, my league has the teams that miss the playoffs compete for better draft pick. my league is a 10 team 6 keeper league with no draft penalty and currently in 7th season, never had any problems with collusion or tanking

Thanks guys