Collusion question

These two will be refered to as the collusion twins(T1 and T2). They made shady trades last year and one was so ridiculous it had to be reversed because not enough people payed attention to the veto.

This past week T1 could lock up 1st seed with a win over T2 who was unlikely to make playoffs with a win. T2 played Giovanni berneard, d. Williams and brate over fournette kamara and gronk. They have both denied collusion.Seems real shady to me, opinions?

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Has to be shady IMO. There’s no way you can justify starting those 3 over the other 3

It’s definitely shady. There’s no sound reasoning to start those 3 over the Fournette/Kamara/Gronk trio… I assume T1 won by a decent amount and locked up the #1 seed.

Lame… collusion for sure.

who takes out kamera ?

Collusion for sure Who benches gronk when healthy and Kamara should never be on the bench