Collusion Trade times 2

I am in a 16 team league where there have now been two collusion trades between the same teams. Playoffs start this week, the first trade happened when one of the teams was in a three way tie for the last playoff spot. The other team was out of contention. The team tied for a playoff spot traded Jordan Howard and Jarvis Landry in return for David Johnson and TY Hilton. Not enough people vetoed that trade so it went through. I posted a message on the league message board calling out the two players asking how much a cut the one is getting from the other if they end up in the money. This caused all the others in the playoffs to post and agree this was collusion but lineups were kept in place. Following last weeks games that team ended up with the tiebreaker over another team and getting the last playoff spot and of course it against me in the first round. This week another trade was accepted between the two teams, team in the playoffs trading away Buck Allen and Danny Amendola and receiving Austin Ekeler and Jarvis Landry. The commish vetoed that trade right away. Oh by the way the team out of the playoffs responded to my league message saying they hope to get 5 bucks out of the deal because they are their cousin. What should be the consequences for these two teams? I am suggesting for this year a removal of them from the playoffs, yes it is midweek and the Thursday night game happened, and to put in the team that was left out based on tiebreaker into the playoffs to verse me this week. The team left off is projected to get more points than the team currently in. I would rather lose to the team currently out than a team that has done two collusion trades and have basically admitted to it through the league. Please suggest a punishment!