Collusion trades please help

Ok we are in a 16 man league my first time playing in it my best friend talked me into it seeing as he wasn’t doing a league this year. Well the commissioner has all his buddies in it. This week he has traded Djax and Detroit for Aj green and just traded cam, Robert woods, lee for Matt Ryan and Keenan Allen. I offered the guy with Aj green hill awhile back and he denied it do you guys think these trades are fair or am I just all these guys are way better

I mean those seem like pretty awful trades to me. If it involves a team that is 6-2 or better with a team that is out of the running then I raise an eyebrow. If not then I post how awful the trade is on the message board and leave it at that

well he’s 4-4 and I did bring up the fact it’s Aj green for djax and Detroit. Then I said Aj green is like 64 ranked and djax I’d 114 that’s a big difference he said you can’t go off past points because that doesn’t matter but used that arguement to say that’s why the trade is fair

Plus nobody will trade with me because apparently my team is too good I don’t think so I’m 4-4 my last three games I’ve lost of a combined 12 points and when I offer a fair trade I get countered with Jordan Howard and Baldwin for gurley and graham