Collusion yay or nay

I’m the commissioner in our league.

Team A lost today. And in a text group declared that he doesn’t care anymore and gives up. anyone who wants cmc can have him.

Team b offered him Dillion and ceh for cmc and he accepted (believe he gave just enough value that he could defend the trade. And He’s known to make shady deals but that’s just speculation this time)

Obviously other league members that are still in the hunt are upset by this. My question to the community is should I let the trade go through or veto?

I don’t believe in vetoes but this seems like collusion because team A doesn’t care about making his team better and in my opinion has a personality that would do this just to cause chaos out of spite. But opinions are not facts.

I just feel bad for the other 3 teams that are fighting for the last playoff spot. With this trade team b becomes the clear favorite to clinch it.

So what do you say footballers?

I don’t think it’s collusion as such I think it’s just sabotage. It seems anybody could have got a giveaway price.

Team b may have a reputation of getting shady deals but that’s conjecture - they’re perhaps just exceptional at talking their way to a deal. His part in this trade to me seems above board and has taken advantage of a situation that shouldn’t exist. The issue for me is team a giving up but then conducting a firesale with intention of not seeking highest value.

I think the trade has to stand but team a needs to be not in the league again.