Hey guys,

 I was offered TY Hilton for Coby Fleener from the guy in my league who finished 3rd last year and immediately accepted it. Unfortunately, my commissioner vetoed  with majority vote because "the trade was too lopsided" despite my argument that the value is up to the person offering the trade not him or the rest of the league. As soon as it was vetoed, I was told that everyone, including the commissioner started trying to pry Hilton away from this guy for garbage offers. Like Chris Thompson for TY Hilton. 
 On top of that, I learned that the reason for wanting the veto was so they had the opportunity to snag Hilton.
 Is this collusion/ what should I do?

Thanks guys, I really need help with this.

This is total garbage and I would be leaving this league immediately.

Even though I’m 2-0 and have the best team?

I throw all my guys into free agency and pull the cord, im out of that league!

Wow. Can I curse on here? I would be out too

What if their original reasoning was honest?

Im gonna wait til I clinch a playoff spot and dump everyone on my team

I still feel like you get out now. No commissioner should have all of that power.

Definitely get out a a league like that. I was in a league where the commish would argue down and veto every trade he didn’t deem acceptable or that wouldn’t benefit himself or another guy. I just dumped my team

If there was an entry fee i would stick it out. if it was a free league for fun i would dump everyone

$50 entry fee, havent paid it yet. Most people pay at the end

Man that is tough mainly because if you do have the best team then i would just try to win, but as soon as im eliminated i drop everyone and refuse to pay the fee

That is tough, I try the trade again with the threat… If two grown ass men can’t make a trade while both agree then the league is corrupt and you will pull the cord on them

love the idea of that threat

idk if a threat would work. these guys are dumb as bricks. the commissioner asked me if i would do the trade if i was on the other guys side of the deal…of course not, thats why Im making the deal