Tell me what you think: leonard fournette for kelvin benjamin and jack doyle… im the commish and need back up

Nope…not veto worthy…potentially lopsided, yes but also potentially not…and not veto worthy…especially if the person getting kelvin and doyle needs help at those positions but regardless this isn’t collusive…

Jack ‘baby-hands’ Doyle is very popular right now. People are over valuing his recent games. Some people are also expecting big things from Kelvin Benjamin with Buffalo.

Tie those two opinions in with some owners feeling down on Fournette (injured and then benched a game) all while Jax has actually run the ball as well/even better without him.

Doesn’t seem unequal enough for collusion - imo

the guy giving up fournette is just tilting cause of bye weeks, idk just dont agree

Top 5 rookie RB traded for Baby Hands??? Something is… afoot.

Nah, probably not enough for a veto or collusion, prolly just a smooth negotiator or a someone undervaluing/overvaluing their guys. Kudos to the new Fournette owner.

agree or not, unless it is absolutely provable collusion it is your responsibility as commish to view these trades objectively when deciding whether or not to veto…you can’t veto just because you don’t like a move or else you will lose the confidence of and eventually the entire league.

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Fair enough… i was just seeing in the sense of a league veto if its valid, I dont veto the trades myself.