COLTS FANS! 2 Quick Questions

I have Andrew Luck, I think he should be fine this year. Not concerned yet about him. I did draft Marlon Mack in the 9th round of my draft. I didn’t like the other players around him in that round, and didn’t see anyone worth reaching for at the time. I had Luck already so I think it was worth the risk of having a good player getting a decent amount of touches on a great offense. I also took Eric Ebron in the second to last round just as a flyer. I had Luck, Hilton, and Moncreif when I won a championship 2 seasons ago in my league of record. I like Ebron’s touchdown potential even with Doyle there.

What do Colts fans think of Mack and Ebron? Thanks for any feedback! I’ll be rooting for the Colts yet again this season!