Colts RB situation and RB2 start this week

This feels dirty but if Mack can’t go this week would you pick up Hines and play him vs Oakland over Kerryon vs Seattle?

I’m playing Kerryon as my RB2 this week but have Cohen and now Hines stashed - stick with Kerryon and stash someone else or keep Hines and play either him or Cohen over Kerryon?

Any views here?

I would certainly not start hines over Kerryon or Cohen. Arguably you shouldn’t play Mack over them. Those three are actually back to back to back in my personal rankings with Kerryon>Mack>Cohen. All of them are top 15 backs this week if healthy.

Oh I don’t have Mack was looking at the opponent over the players. I’d agree on the rankings though but you don’t slot Hines in as the main benefactor if Mack is out and plays the raiders who are considerably weaker than the Seahawks run D. Cohen I like but I don’t think the game script will favour him this week so he’ll need a TD to be worthy play

I do think Hines is going to be a benefactor and playable if Mack sits. But I don’t think his value will just automatically equal what Mack’s was, so I would start Cohen, although I do think people are too high on him, over Hines. But regardless I would start Kerryon over everyone involved with Theo looking doubtful again.

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