Come, commiserate your bad playoff beats here

Alshon Jeffery - needed 10, got zero.

But that’s okay, I wasn’t going to win next week anyway with Mike Evans, Jeffrey AND DJ Chark all injured.

I really thought I had a chance this year. McCaffrey, Waller, Evans, Chark, Chris Carson, Kyler Murray, Pitt D…

I feel it, lost by 10 this week even with Brees. Guice and Andrews injuries hurt.

Nothing is worse than this lol. Worst week I’ve ever had in fantasy.

First, I’m an Eagles fan. I’m glad they won even though they stink, but I needed Miles Sanders to have less than 50 yards last night. He left the game with cramps after having exactly 50 yards, which I would have tied and lost the tie breaker. Sanders came back in for one more rush and ran for -1 yard and then left the game, giving me the lead for the rest of the game. THEN, THE STUPID GAME WENT TO OVERTIME AND SANDERS RUSHED FOR A POSITIVE GAIN AND KNOCKED ME OUT OF PLAYOFFS. IN OVERTIME!!!

I hate fantasy.

Wow thats a emotional roller coaster to end the game last night for you.

Tell me about it.
Here was the ride for each throughout the game:

Eagles are absolute trash > Great everyone is hurt, cancel the game > Oh, wait we actually have a chance? > Whoa they tied it > OMG they actually won > They still aren’t going anywhere anyway

Sanders is getting all the work this sucks > Well Sanders already hit 50 yards so I lost > Great Sanders left with cramps at 50 yards and I’m going to get knocked out because of a tie > Sanders is back, Eagles stink so just fumble please idc > HE LOST A YARD AND LEFT THE GAME WOO! > Please lose the coin toss > …i hate my life

I was up like 8 points with no one facing Goddert Barkley and the Giants D in standard. Barkley and Goddert tied the matchup and then they had the lead by like 2 until the eagles had the td in overtime and swung it my way by .8. I thought that last td was Goddert not Ertz and was so pissed for the 2 seconds before I realized it wasnt. So kinda the other side of what you had…sorry…

hey, at least one of us had a good day lol

Too bad that was just to avoid last place… on the plus side this guy isnt wearing a dress to the lions season opener next year!

Well my team that got me the three seed decided to lay an absolute egg and total a combined 1 touchdown.



Wow. I’m pretty sure you win the bad beat bowl. So… congratulations?