Comish Help Needed

So I’m the commissioner of a 12 man, 1/2 PPR espn league. I made a trade with someone for the following (before week 2).
Receive: Gillislee, Fournette
Send: McCoy, Crowell
This trade obviously took a while to put together and I wanted to get it done. However, the trade was vetoed. Espns default setting allows a trade to get vetoed with only 4 votes.
I didn’t do anything at the time, but now I’m afraid the league could get trade-locked. I’m honestly discouraged to iniate trades. Should I change the settings to maybe a required 6 team veto (when the commissioner is involved. I would supersede over all other trades) or just let it ride this season?
I just don’t want the league thinking I’m going all Goodell on them.
Let me know your thoughts!

I personally think 4 is fair since you don’t necessarily count the two people involved. I would leave it as is.

I tend to feel that rule changes should be implemented in the offseason. Do you have any idea why they voted your trade down?

There’s a group of 4 people (two are brothers, and two are their best friends) that think everything is collusion and don’t want other teams getting better.
I agree with changes coming in the offseason, which is why I didn’t make any changes or push the trade through. At this point, I want other teams and the league to feel they can trade.

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Thanks for your reply!

Garbage, this trade should never be vetoed in my opinion… If it was done fairly, it should go through. Right now, it seems like you win the trade big time but with the names involved it seems fair.

That’s what I thought, since the trade was offered before 2. I thought it was as even as it gets, before McCoy pooped the bed again. If that trade doesn’t go through, I’m not sure what will.

League veto doesn’t work. The commissioner has to be the moderator, only vetoing trades if there appears to be collusion.

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I agree that the veto system doesn’t work. However, there needs to be something in place for trades where the commissioner is involved. Who has veto power if the commish makes the mistake of colluding?

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@El-Scorcho maybe time to replace the commish if he’s colluding…