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Comissioner stuck between a Ekeler and a hard place

During our Yahoo draft in a Keeper league that I am commissioner of, the keeper system broke down. A team was meant to have Julian Edelman as a keeper in the 6th round, but when it came around to the 6th round Julian Edelman was not drafted automatically, and the manager drafted Ekeler.

I investigated this issue and Julian Edelman was confirmed as a protected Keeper and wasnt treated as such in the Yahoo draft, Yahoo CS took the fault but admitted there was nothing they could do. I artificially adjusted rounds players were drafted in on this managers team for the sake of future keeper drafts, but the damage has been done, Ekeler was drafted by a team that he wasn’t meant to be and even if I don’t believe Ekeler can maintain his pace of being the 5th top scorer in Fantasy every week, his week 1 performance has sent ripples through my league.

As a commissioner I am 100% transparent about the issue, so my league is well informed, but I’m coming to you my fellow footclan to query if there is a possible solution to this that any of you can think of to satiate the embittered managers of my league?

The damage is done unfortunately. The easy answer would be to put Edelman on the roster in place of Ekeler and drop Ekeler. However, now whoever has Edelman is getting screwed over because now they have a roster spot to fill. Technically you could swap Ekeler and Edelman but now you are hooking up the new Ekeler owner with a player they may not have ever wanted to draft.

Since this issue was not address prior to Week 1, I think it’s a done deal and it’s time to move on. Sucks, but nothing was done intentionally and there was no collusion.


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Sorry I’m late to the dance.

I don’t know the yahoo system but I would hope there is the ability to adjust this on the fly… i.e during the draft. Can you confirm? Sleeper does a great job of drafts! Not only having keepers already selected but the ability to correct an issue should one occur. And this is coming from someone who is not a Sleeper (platform) fan.

Agree with @Forty9Giants. Damage done now. If they win the Ship - it better get an asterisks.