Commish advice for a strange situation

Dear Fantasy Footballers community,

I’ve come across a strange situation I was hoping some of my fellow commissioners could weigh in upon. This happened pre-week 9.

Team A owns Deshaun Watson and Drew Brees. Feeling pretty good about himself for owning Deshaun he decides to make a trade offer. Trading away Drew Brees for Will Fuller. Team B who owns Will Fuller isn’t particularly known for accepting trades, but lets the trade offer sit for almost the full duration of 2 days. Obviously when the trade offer is about to expire, news comes out that Watson is done for the season indirectly hampering Will Fuller’s value. Team B accepts the trade, and Team A finds out 2 hours after the injury news was released. Team A is left with a devalued Will Fuller and loses his only QB left.

As a commish would you step in? Or just let things stand?

Thanks in advance for the advice.

I would let this stand. I know it sucks for the guy who lost Brees. But he should have attempted to contact the other league member about the trade to test the water before letting it sit for 2 days.

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I’d let it stand he left it there for two days that’s on him nice job by the other guy tho

Thx for the replies just seems rough cuz this trade plus the injury basically ends his season with no QB left.

That is true, but you gotta know when you have lingering trades out there, if someone cant make a decision in a day then ya gotta pull the plug on the offer.