Commish asking for Advice

I am running a 1 Keeper league from last year. 2 people left the league. I found replacements but the 2 previous teams that left has crappy to 0 keeper on that team. The newer people have to inherit these team. What can I do to make it fair for the newer players?


How many teams? What are your current keeper rules?

You could give them the choice of where they want to draft

would need to know keeper rules, but since its only 1 keeper I don’t think there is much you would have to do. what are the rosters of these two teams?

But if it’s only one keeper I agree with @JarekF21 you don’t need to do anything. It would be different if there was 3 or more keepers

I agree with the consensus here, if it’s only 1 Keeper, I think it’s better to leave things as they are and have the newer people accept the challenge of working with a difficult roster. It would cause too many waves.

Yea I talked about it over league member and we all agreed that older member will keep their keeper draft position and the new member will just redraft as normal with having keeper for next year in mind.