Commish championship issue

Hey guys/gals got a league commish issue I’m hoping to get a little advice with; dunno if I’m in the wrong or not.

I’m the commish of a 16 team super flex league going on our 6th season. We’re in the semis of our playoffs and all four remaining owners have stated they want to chop evenly. (100$ buy in, 4 divisions of 4, 50$ to each reg season div winner, $750 for first, $400 for 2nd, $250 for 3rd) so they’re 4 way chopping $1400

Now I have no issue paying out the 4 owners. It’s their money. But we also have a title at stake. Two owners won’t check the site after being paid (known them for years, all they care about is $ and they stop paying attentiononce they’re out of the playoff race) and the other two want to play it out.

Currently, I stand with screw them. 4 way chop is ridiculous, league will have no champ this year (will have 4 co-champs who will not be recognized by the league as such) and the title will remain with last seasons winners.

I know that fantasy football is a game and it’s meant for fun first. But I feel like this 4 way chop is such a bitch move by all owners involved, that it takes away a lot from the league and that the semis/finals games would be severely lacking people caring (like I said, some are just in it for the $)

So any ideas… any outside perspectives would be great. Thanks for reading

Seems easy enough to me (sorry to trivialize).

The four teams remaining have to play it out. Payout occurs accordingly. If they decide to swap cash after than so be it.


I would recommend one of two things…

  1. Tell them tough and say the payouts will remain how it is and rules are rules. If they choose to still have a side agreement of all 4 getting equal payment that is on them. But as far as you go (I’m assuming you are holding all the money?) you tell them you will be sending the necessary amount to 1st, 2nd and 3rd when the season concludes.

  2. This may be a rule change for next season but I would try and get it in this season. Make the Championship game worth $100. So evenly split $1300 among the four teams and tell them the champion will get an additional $100. So it can be kind of a happy medium. This is only an option if you want to try and make every member of the league happy.

Personally I think you tell them rules are rules and you will payout how it says right now to 1st 2nd and 3rd and leave it at that.


Thanks for responding. The answer of ‘rules are rules’ is great, but it still won’t change the two from checking their lineups (one has eckler still starting in his) so it gives his opponent a man advantage.

As for the make everyone happy idea with the 100$ extra for first. I’m sorry but I just can’t go with that. While I’m not opposed to making 1st and 2nd place payouts closer so there won’t be much of a point to chop. I can’t agree with 2nd-4th getting the same amount. Firm believer in that the top 2 should be making at least 1.5x as much as 3rd place. As for 4th not getting paid out, our league voted on having the division winners get 4th places money last year and paying out the top 3.

I dunno, it just feels like with the chop, it’s less of a grind to win the playoffs now and more like a cuddle fest. For any wwe fans it’s like if the 4 horsemen were the last 4 guys in the royal rumble and decided to eliminated themselves at the same time. Sure they all won the match, but who really did win?

Great idea as well, but some are playing the “I need it for Christmas shopping” line. Which is easy enough for me to ignore, but also is kinda dickish as well (holding their money)

Personally I think you are making a mountain out of a mole hill here. Just tell them the payouts are set and let them do what they want with their lineups. If one guy chooses not to sub Ekeler out then so be it that is his choice. At the end of the day there will be a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finisher. You payout accordingly and let them split it with each other at a later time. At that point it is their money and you can’t control what they do with it.

I don’t see it as “dickish”. Payouts occur when the fantasy league is done. You should feel confident in this resolution.

understandable and I could be making a mt out of a mole hill. But i’m not arguing about the money. I have no problem paying out 1st-4th equal amounts. What matters is the integrity of the league and the championship

In years past other owners agreed to some kind of chop (IN THE FINALS and never 50/50), but never have i seen an even chop involving 3 or more teams. So to suddenly turn a money league into a free league over the course of the 2 most important weeks in fantasy football is kinda unjustified. I just think the inclusion of a chop before the semi’s were played puts a damper on the end of the season. Like a climax that ends before it even gets started.

And to be honest, as the commish i do think it’s kind of bullshit to myself and the other owners who didn’t make it as far. I do think the title and $ go hand and hand but for one factor to be eliminated going into the semi’s is just complete nonsense.

So to recap: i’m paying everyone their winnings, no one is getting screwed out of money. I’m just curious as to whether or not a champion should be crowned this year since 1/2 of the remaining 4 lost interest due to getting paid.

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Ahhh I see what you are saying now. Yeah I mean I still think you give them the trophy. I’m inclined to think that if these owners do care/like fantasy football then there will be a little part of them that should want to get the trophy considering it can’t be split four way. Maybe I’m wrong and maybe its just me. But In my league the money comes and goes but the pictures from the Ass-Hat who won last year (My Brother In Law) eating breakfast with the trophy, taking the trophy to the park and even taking the trophy trick or treating throughout all of the next season sting even more.

Hopefully it works out. One thing you can always count on as commissioner is dealing with annoying things like this each year. Best of luck.

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