Commish cheating

Hey footclan need some advice , played the commish this past weekend for a chance at finals I caught him swapping out locked players on the Thursday game and again on Sunday it’s a big money league and want to know if this is enough evdidence to take to the league

If so, yes. Definitely.

Can you show us the players swapped in and out? Making a swap before a player locks is a non issue. Although the commish should be more careful about making changes as the commish or as a franchise. But swaping a player after or during a lock is no bueno.

Just making changes is not enough evidence. If it’s happened several times, they may be making changes to their lineup in the wrong spot.

As I said, after a player is locked is another story.

This happened to me a few weeks ago playing against my comish. I sent him the screenshot and asked what sort of League Manager approved business he was doing at the specific time and he fessed up. That evidence tells me your comish is absolutely cheating.