Commish for First Offline Draft

So I am the commissioner for a league in which we are all doing our first offline draft, including myself.

We’ve got a draftboard, food, and beer all ready.

Everything else is still in the air a bit. How do you guys run your offline drafts? E.g Length of picks, breaks, other random recommendations/things you’ve done that you found improved your draft

I just completed my first one. Most people advocate for no timer but I found that to be not the best route for those who tank. And with alcohol involved, could take forever. I also really liked the pressure of being on the clock. You could see managers really sweating and panicking when it was their picks. Really fun. I made a few alterations.

  1. I had a tiered timer. More time for earlier picks ticking down to 30 secs for later rounds. I did 2.5 minutes for rounds 1-3, 2 mins for 4-6, 1.5 for 7-10, and 30 secs for 11-16.

  2. I gave every manager two time chips which they could use at any point throughout the draft. Each chip gave 5 minute extension. These worked out really well and created another dynamic where those who splurged early paid the price later in the draft and vice versa.

And the last thing was if time ran out, their pick got skipped and nxt guy could make his pick and next guy and so on and so on until they were ready to submit their pick. Luckily didn’t have to use that but really increased intensity in the real to mimic a real draft.