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Commish going from redraft to keeper - advice welcome


So we’ve had this league for a while and we want to shake things up by going to a keeper format. We’d be drafting fresh this season. We agreed to keep up to 2 players per season. Does anyone have advice on how the best way to attribute cost to these keepers? I’ve heard sacrificing the pick one round ahead of where he was drafted the previous year, but how does that work if you want to keep your first rounder? Or in this format, are first round draft picks not keepable? I think I’d like to go with something like this rather than a salary cap format because some league members fear larger changes like that.

Bonus question, does anyone do a keeper league on Yahoo?

Thanks for any help!


I’m a keeper league commish and have been for 6 years… We did the switch of regular league to keeper 4 years ago.

Is your draft auction or snake?

We are an auction league but I can give you some advice either way?
Also how many teams in your league?


My league made this very move last year., had always been a redraft league. For my league, everyone is eligible to keep 2 players from last years team, but it will cost them a draft position 2 rounds sooner than where that player was originally drafted. Ex. Player A drafted in 5th rd of the 16’ draft will cost you a 3rd rd pick this year. Any player acquired via waivers defaults to a 10th rd pick this year. Guys drafted in the 1st and 2nd rounds are not eligible for keeping. A team can only keep a player for 2 consecutive seasons too, he then goes back into the draft pool. Deciding on who you will keep is certainly a strategy, but using the rankings on here makes it much easier. Once you know where you are drafting this season, it’s fairly easy to determine whom to keep. I had a no brainer for one of my keepers this year. Drafted DeMarco Murray in the 5th rd last season, so I am able to keep him by giving up my 3rd pick this year. I’m drafting from the 8th spot in a 12 team league, so I’m able to keep a guy currently going early 2nd rd, in the late 3rd. We use NFL as our website of choice. People fear change, but I think you guys will enjoy making the move! Best of luck this season!


If you want to do +1 round for their keeper, than just make it so that round 1 draft picks can’t be kept. It keeps people from hanging on to guys like DJ or Zeke for years and instead makes people want to keep those later round values.


Great insight guys! My league is 12 team snake draft. I’m going to pitch a few of these options to the league today!