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Commish Help with drop

I’m commissioner in my league and have an issue. I let my buddy in the league this year and he’s just a casual fan. He dropped Davante Adams yesterday for Dorsett (with Drake and Dalton in his bench to drop)… I really don’t think there’s anything shady going on, just a lack of knowledge (could have traded him for a decent piece)… should I just let Adams go to waivers and the highest bidder? Or hold a vote to see if I should reverse the drop?

U gotta let it fly. Can’t reverse stupid.

If this is a FAAB league and not a sketchy waiver wire type collusion situation, then you shouldn’t take any action. There’s no guarantee Adams will be the same when he comes back from his turf toe and nobody knows how much longer he’ll be out.

If someone wants to drop all their FAAB on that risk, then so be it. That being said, Andy Dalton over Adams? Why is Dalton even on his bench? WTH

Somebody just dropped AJ Green for Gerald Everett in my no TE requirement league. Kind of a similar situation. Sometimes people just want to avoid dealing with questionable designations each week. :man_shrugging:

You can let it slide or put him back on his roster, since technically Adams would be on the undroppable list is you had it turned on in your league

We had the same problem with a first year owner who dropped Diggs, josh Gordon and Tyrell Williams. All for players that you wouldn’t agree with. We allowed all of them but just won’t be letting him back in the league. But your situation is much worse cause that can 100% change the outcome of playoffs.

Unless he brought it up right after let him have Adams back.

I agree with Noxious about Faab vs sketchy waiver wire but I do think if he genuinely was dropping him with no colluding intentions I don’t think he should get him back In any scenario. Gotta learn the hard was as we all do.

Let it ride, can’t fix stupid.