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So I have a guy that is inactive and I have told him to put in players but he hasnt. Is it overstepping my position if i edit his roster and put in players that are playing since he only got 38 points this week from 4 guys. they rest is out on a bye or ir.

It is overstepping yes. I always send out a text to remind people if they don’t have players in or if someone is out. I always want it to be as fair as it can be. I won’t do so if it’s a gametime decision as that’s on the owner of that team. With an inactive just think that everyone gets to play him with an inactive roster so it’s somewhat fair.

Yea i think that is overstepping your position. But finding someone else to take over the team if this guy wont play is not. You gotta make sure the league is still fun for everyone who is actually participating. You should just find someone else to take over the team and leave the inactive guy behind.

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Just edit the league records so that whoever plays that person, gets a win for that week. Hopefully by the time you find a new owner, each team has played him once.

That’s what I was going to do

I have sent him a ultimatum last week saying if he didn’t start atleast throwing in players I would edit his roster and he hasn’t responded

That’s what I want. He has been a free win for everyone and I don’t want that. I have not played him yet so I think it’s fair

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It depends on how you handle it. I had the same situation last year and I discussed it with our other league members. We all agreed that I would set his roster weekly solely based on projected points from our platform. No personal rankings or outside input went into it. Simply whoever Yahoo said has the most projected points is who got inserted into the lineup. So I don’t think it’s overstepping your powers IF you discuss it with your league first. If you just step in and start doing it then yes, you are overstepping.

Also, I waited until after everyone had played each other once before starting it so everyone (except for the first few weeks when he was active) had the same opportunity to take advantage of the situation. DO NOT WAIT until you play him to start doing this.

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Also, if he ends up with a bye problem and not enough starters, I don’t think it’s right to drop anyone on his team. That becomes to subjective and someone else could end up with a waiver pickup that’s not fair. His roster should be frozen with the exception of weekly lineup changes.

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thats what i was planing, I have talked to about half the members and they all want his team to have a chance to win each week. I was never going to drop anyone since I wouldnt feel that I would be doing my best to his team since I would have my team in mind.

It’s such a difficult problem to deal with. I like your honesty, you havent played him and you dont want something unfair to happen to you. Ask the rest of the league, some people have already beat him. Some of them beat him fairly and others beat him because he didnt set his line up. A few teams are bound to face him twice and that is where it becomes unfair for all the other teams.

I would say everyone beats him one time. You can manually adjust this if someone lost to him even though they dont deserve it if they lost to him lol. Then, those who play him twice should have to face his team with the best possible lineup, you can manually set the highest projection.

It’s always a shame when someone does this and it negatively affects your teams playoff chances.

The other option of course is to let this team’s score be the average of all the other teams so each we you have to be the league average to beat the team but didn’t like that option for two reason:

  1. If their team just isn’t as good you’re making them better &

  2. As the commissioner, I didn’t want to have to do the extra calculations every week to set that. I think it’s more fun to have the heads up score in real time on Sunday that you know what you have to beat. Not waiting until Monday night / Tues morning to calculate it.

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Thats a good point, would be a fair/interesting way to try to make it fair. Math is not fun and so it probably isnt the way to go but would be a creative solution

One of the guys has mentioned that option several times on the podcast so I can’t take credit for it but I personally like my other solution better and my league mates agreed so that’s what we chose.

never heard is as an option for a quitter but just as a scoring format in general

if I let everyone bet him once I would play him. I am his second to last opponent before we have people play eachother again. If I did that I would just put in his projected for me since the other people in the league are my friends and they know I dont want to cheat but I dont want to leave him for me to get a free win, I would feel kinda guilty. Luckily since he has 4 players injured after he quit he hasnt even giving anyone a run for their money.

I will bring this up to my league but I have no idea how they will react. Its a weird thing but I would make things fair.

man its just so lame, i was 0-5 and now I’m 2-5 and im not quitting until i am for sure eliminated

damn sounds like you had some bad luck with the early games. looks like your back on the right path and hopefully you can make the playoffs