Commish In need of a little advice

Im the commish of a league and in our Consolation championship match the guy leading by less than 2 points has pulled Cook out of his line up and benched him…

We have as a league in the past have mentioned that you are required to play a full roster (One guy threatened to bench his team one week in protest to something that happened)

What do I do if he doesnt put him back in… DO i enforce this rule or is this just fair play? theres no official rule about it, this has just been more of an understanding between the everyone in the league, kind of an unwritten rule you could say…

Ive made repeated statements in our chat he should play him
What do you think? its only a $60 prize

I’d say if it’s not a written rule, he’s within his “rights” to set up his lineup as he sees fit… hopefully Cook blows up, haha

like i said its not written but has been enforced multiple times in the past so we all know its something that has to be done each week… He cant say he didnt know when we all know

I think if it was the Big money i would enforce it but for the consolation prize im just gonna let it slide unless someone makes a fuss about it

Does his opponent have anyone playing? If he has his matchup won; then it might be smart of him to do that as people have lost matchups with players getting negative points. Does he have a reason to pull cook?

If it isn’t written anywhere that it’s a hardset rule he has to play a full lineup, then he is fine. Even though the league has an understanding, he is doing what he can per the bylaws. I would make it a point to add in a rule about it later. I don’t like that he is doing that, but there isn’t anything stating he can’t do it, so you’re stuck.