Commish Issue

So I am in a money league, in this league there is a 2 day veto period on trades (I talked them out of this setting for next year) two people made a trade listed below:

Team 1 : sends: Lamar Jackson, Devonta Freeman, David Montgomery
Team 2 sends: Austin Eckler, Patrick Mahomes, Odell Beckham Jr.

Because of the 2 day trade rule the trade was held up until Tuesday. the players both complained because they would not get their players for this week. So the Commish made an exception to the rule and reverted the trade. They then proceeded. to break up the trade into 2 trades so they could get their players from 1 trade but put the Thursday guys in the second trade to wait.

I feel this is a bit ridiculous because the rules are set and its their fault they did not make the trade sooner. Most people in this league already have had to wait through the weekend to get their players. But these two get theirs removed because they both agreed on it.

Any opinions?

I believe if you make a trade before the week starts it should be ok to get pushed thru. That’s the whole point of making trades, so you can use the guys when you need them

I would agree that this isn’t how it should be done. Either make them go automatically through with no waiting, or the set time is the set time, no exceptions. Your league and commish can make whatever choice they want about that. But once it is decided, it is decided. If you know a trade takes 2 days to go through, then you should make the trade prior to when you need to have those players. If you don’t know the rules that’s your issue.

All the people who expect to have a trade pushed through, think ahead better. It’s not the Commish’s job to save you when you don’t know the rules or don’t get the trade done in time. That takes away any consistency and opens up all kinds of issues with pushing someone’s through quicker than others and so on.

Or you could just think ahead and propose the trade earlier so you get those players in time. It’s not a novel idea. As a commish, it’s not my job to save you when you don’t plan correctly. Know the rules and propose the trade with the correct timing and there are no issues.

To put it simple this is crap. The rules are the rules, its as simple as that. If they don’t make the trade in time to get their players that is on them. Reversing the trade so they can change it to two trades and get their players is unfair to their opponents. There is nothing stopping these two teams from understanding the rules so they need to live with their poor planning to make a trade so late.

With that being said, well done on getting rid of the 2 day veto trade for next season, that is way too long.


Agree 100% @Forty9Giants. Your league mates need to stop being so whiny and follow the rules or get them changed, no exceptions.

I’m okay with the trades being pushed through. Having a delay on trades is really not a good rule.

We had it our league also, and then voted to switch it mid season so all trades are automatic upon commissioner approval. Everyone can still openly challenge or vote for a veto in the group chat, but having an arbitrary delay just made no sense.

Theres many reasons for this, but ultimately it comes down to you making a trade because you need a player for that week, usually.

Having a delay doesn’t make sense because:

  1. Developments can occur later in the week that force your need for a trade (ex an injury).
  2. You might not get a player you want on waivers and so then need to make a trade later On
  3. And plain and simply, some trades, especially bigger ones, can take time to negotiate.

I’m okay with this, but it should be put to a vote in your league especially if enough people are in uproar about it and especially if other people had to wait through the weekend previously.

I know wanting your players right away. But I feel the league rules are set before and or at the start of the season. Those are the rules for that year and the league votes on changes for the following year.

I agree, delay is dumb, but until the rules get changed for all, they apply to all.