Commish late lineup question

Yesterday, about 4 mins after the Pats - Colts kickoff i had a league member message me and tell me that he just got home but the Sleeper site won’t let him put Gronk in the lineup (apparently cause the game had already started). He asked me if i can put Gronk in the lineup for him. At that point Gronk had 0 points and he hadn’t gained any unfair advantage. But he was still late to set his lineup.
Now, i only saw his message the next morning so i know Gronk did a solid job, but nothing spectacular. He also has Ebron on his bench and Kittle in his lineup. My logic dictates that there’s no way i should grant his request without compromising the league rules. He was late to set his lineup and he might pay for it…or he might even be rewarded if Kittle does better. But doing the switch would set an ugly precedent for a dynasty league. Am i wrong here?

I wouldn’t be happy if that happened in my league or with my actual opponent that week. He didn’t do it in time. That doesn’t mean he can just change that after the fact by asking nicely. There wasn’t any technical problem or other factor/reason for him being late to do it…he was just late, unfortunately. I think you’ll have an uprising on your hands if you change this after the fact haha. Just tell him you don’t feel it would be fair and maybe offer to start sending a reminder before the THursday game to the league or something like that going forward. But yeah, he’s fine at TE anyway - this doesn’t wreck his team either.

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I’ve been down this road before both feel dirty as the commish you want to be fair to the player and the league. I’d lean towards line ups lock for a reason, then make a point of saying that’s how all such instances will be handled in the future.

Thanks guys, i appreciate your time to respond with your insights!

Yeah i mean he’s gonna get requests to do this all season long otherwise. This would be completely unfair to do anyway. The game started with the Pats moving the ball downfield with ease. It boded extremely well for Gronk’s game. Shouldn’t be a consideration at all, harsh as that sounds. The person shouldn’t have asked…pretty ridic that he did.

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