Commish live draft help!

Hey Foot clan, I am the Commish of a 12 team league going into its 5th year. We do a live draft ever year at the bar we all hang out at. We have a draft board which is awesome, until I get home and I have to lay it out and enter picks one by one into the website until I go cross eyed. Does anyone have an app or anything to help me make a draft board where I can put in everyone’s name and it will be easier than lugging a draft board home and throwing it on my floor and going to work?

I do the exact same thing but it usually only takes about 10 minutes so it doesn’t bother me.

What website does you league use to do FF? ESPN, YAHOO or other?

I usually find a buddy who isn’t in the league and buy them drinks for the night if they type everything into the computer as we draft!

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You have good friends! Our whole group is already on the league, and my girl wants NOTHING to do with it

We use ESPN

So ESPN used to have a draft option… Where you could launch a draft board and then easily just click the players from the list who each team drafts… So you just do that during the draft… It’s pretty easy but also alittle annoying if you want to keep track of other stuff like I do during drafts.

I also used to just enter in the players after the draft but that took atleast 1 hr or more as the way you had to add players was awful… It looked like it had been made in 99’ and never updated.

Finally this year they updated it and its really a brees… It took me all of 10-15min to enter in 10 teams of 16 roster spots.

So honestly I think that is your best option… But I always tell my league it will be a day or two until rosters are live… Then I just pick a night and throw The Office on Netflix up and enter in the rosters… But it’s so easy now that they changed the format… All you do is start typing chu and nick chubb pops up and click on him… And you can easily just go down the board and enter in all of one’s teams roster super fast…

That’s the best advice I can give you

Take a photo of the board with your phone.

ESPN got rid of the offline draft it didn’t really work well anyway. Guess I’ll just be doing it the old fashion way.

Change to Sleeper. Problem solved. You can do it from your phone as picks are made. Super easy. Better platform.

Im using it with another league 1st. I don’t want to jump my league to something and I may not like it, so maybe next year.