Commish Needs Ruling Advice

Would love some unbiased opinions on a trade issue I’m dealing with.
Owner A traded 3-for-1 with Owner B prior to last nights game . Each had a traded player in lineup last night, B received two others and dropped two. Another team subsequently picked one off waivers.
Owner A then informed me this morning that Owner C said he tried to accept Owner A’s trade offer to him (with 2 players in trade with B) yesterday afternoon, but the site wouldn’t accept it. Owner A says that because his trade with C should have gone through, if the site worked for him, before the other, he wants me to reverse his trade with B in order to make the trade with C instead.

Do I take their word for it that the site didn’t work, and tell owner B those players shouldn’t have been available? Same then with the other guy and the waived player?


The trade that went through is the trade that stands. There’s too many variables in play right now given that other teams have picked some of the pieces off of waivers

I mean if everyone in the league is in agreement that it should be reversed then go ahead. But if there’s a dispute over what to do, then the trade should stand. The guy had every opportunity to reset his browser, try through the app, etc… He could have even contacted the owner and told him to cancel other trades because he’s accepting.

The whole thing stinks. The trade stands in my opinion.

Yeah I say let it stand as is. If you reverse this one, you’re setting a precedent for future trades. Tough luck for sure, but if I’m following correctly, Owner A sent out both trade offers at once. Regardless of what happened with C, Owner A had two trade offers proposed knowing that either one could be accepted before the other. Owner B accepted. That should be the end of it.

Don’t envy your situation, but I agree with the guys above. There’s a million ways to tell another owner the site isn’t working. Very little chance both offers were accepted within minutes of each other.

Thanks guys for weighing in, my sentiments exactly.

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