Commish on Yahoo Public Question

Quick Question about yahoo commish rules & ethics

A few teams have given up, since its a public league I have no way of contacting them and since its public we also never made any rules about what powers the commish should behold.

All of the top 4 teams are playing against teams that have given up and it doesnt look like they will set their lineup for the final week. Would it be out of my power to set the best possible lineup out of players they currently have rostered? I do this in other leagues but we have a communication channel and set up rules before the season that I could do this if teams werent setting lineups. If I asked the group that is still active a majority would probably vote against it since they are all playing these teams and only the few that could win and get in would vote yes.

This is a tricky one since it’s a public league and it sounds like you don’t actually know any of these people. But my firm stance is always competitiveness above all else. No easy wins. Whether it’s a friendly group or a group of strangers. Put the best players from each team out there to play each other. What’s the point of playing if you’re going up against a team of byes and IR players? Whether it’s the end of the season or not, I still say that every win should be earned.

But that’s just me.

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Thanks, I feel the same way.

I just looked and Yahoo does allow me to make changes. Its actually super sketch though because it looks like I could go back and change rosters for weeks past, effectively altering the league standings and everything. I feel like that shouldnt be available but obviously not going to abuse my power.