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Commish question - League Settings/Playoff Settings


I am the commissioner in a 10 team league. I was curious as to how other leagues did their league settings, particularly in regards to divisions and playoffs. Is it best to have two divisions, or none at all? How do you set up your playoff schedule and decide who gets in; best records only, or division winners and then the next best records?


For 10 teams I don’t do divisions. Just run the schedule through. It is essentially the same as Divisions as far as playing every team once and four of the teams twice. The main difference is that the playoffs are earned more by merit. With divisions, it is very possible that one division will be weaker. If you have a Division winner with the 4th or 5th place record (that happens) and they get a bye, it is BS.

I recommend the top 6 make the playoffs with the top 2 winning a first round bye. In first playoff week, matchups are 3vs6 and 4vs5.


So do you have the playoffs weeks 14-16? The winner of 3vs6 plays 1, and the winner of 4vs5 plays 2? And then those teams play for the championship?


Playoff settings, exactly what @Harpersdad said.

Two roster settings that will set your league apart:

  • Ditch the kicker; start two D/ST. This eliminates streaming D/ST every week, and no one wants to lose because someone bombed a 50 yard FG on MNF.

  • Add a SuperFlex (Q/W/R/T). Too many good QBs to leave guys like Rivers, Stafford and Dalton undrafted.

If you’re going to implement one or both of these settings, you’ll probably want to add an extra bench spot or two.

I’ve been in leagues that have these roster settings and I now cringe when a buddy asks for start/sit advice and I see kickers on their roster.


Yes, weeks 14-16 for playoffs. NEVER have a playoff game week 17


With the schedule that you described, how do you decide which teams you play twice?


Just have fun with it. The guy a played in the championship game last year I’ve set it up so we’ll play twice. My one friend is new to the league so he only knows me, I’ll play him twice. If any two people had extra trash talking last year have them play twice.


In real football, they have divisions to cut down on travel time/costs. I’m yet to see a single (good) reason to have divisions in fantasy, it just makes it less fair (luck of the draw whether you end up in a competitive division on an easy one).

It’s also unfair to play some teams twice and some teams once. Someone will have to play the best team in the league twice. Someone else will get to play the worst team in the league twice.

I prefer for each team to play every other team exactly once, and then have extended playoffs. Although it makes more sense for a 12 team league than 10.