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Commish Question. NEED ANSWER!


Just had a trade done in the league that I run

Team 1:
Brandin Cooks

Team 2:
Josh Gordon
Christian Kirk
Jared Cook

I feel like I need to veto this trade for being way too one sided. What do you guys think?


That’s certainly lop sided for sure.

Speak to both parties and ask how this trade improves both teams and not some collusion BS.
If they can’t explain then veto. I am not a fan of veto-ing trades but if it’s like this then yes. Also, you can put it to a league vote.


So Team 1 is getting the players from a team that is “blowing up their team”, so he is just taking advantage of that.


Why are they “blowing up” their team? There’s no reason to trade Cooks or Kelce right now unless they’re getting big pieces to their rosters.

Have you spoken to other members of your league about it? I would still consider making this call with the entire league(to a yes veto this trade).


The league is voting on it over the next 2 days. They have no chance to make the playoffs so they are blowing up their team. I don’t like that concept.


I don’t like that either. That’s crap.
(I probably wouldn’t invite that manager to play in your league anymore after this. It’s week 10 a lot could happen. That team can ruin the chances for other people to get in. They could get in by some miracle. They can play in the toilet bowl. So much to still play for and doing something like is destructive to the entire league.)


If I were you, I would freeze that team’s roster so that can’t make any transactions. Otherwise they will just drop valuable players or continue to accept bad trades