Commish question. Team unable to claim someone for Sunday night Waivers and play them on Monday? Even with empty bench spots. Is this a Yahoo problem because of the NE / KC game being moved, or is this normal?

With continuous waivers that run every day, should you be able to claim someone on Sunday and use them on Monday, normally? I could see a problem if the players they were dropping had already played, but what if they dropped them before games started on Sunday? Essentially, filling an open bench spot with a player when waivers run on at 2a Monday morning. The players have been added to the team but are not available until next week.

New to Yahoo, new to continuous waivers, and there was a game moved. Does anyone know if this is how it is supposed to work or if something weird happened this time?

I read Yahoo faqs, posted on index, searched old indexes, and contacted Yahoo support before posting.

The player was dropped before Sunday games started, to avoid any possibility of the player to be picked up not being allowed to play monday. More specifically, Evan Engram was dropped around 11:45 cdt sunday morning. So, there was an empty bench spot. Waiver claim for Nick Folk was placed at the same time. Waivers ran at 2a this morning. Folk claim was successful but is not on roster.

There is something goofy with Yahoo. In the league I am commissioner I have it set so waivers are only on Wednesdays but for the last couple years it wouldn’t allow anyone to drop and pick up people on Monday who hadn’t played. I switched the setting this year so waivers are Monday-Wednesday I believe and this morning someone was able to pick up a player and drop Sterling Shepard which shouldn’t work since he played already. Long story short, I have no idea what the right setting is in yahoo…

Q: With continuous waivers that run every day, should you be able to claim someone on Sunday and use them on Monday, normally?
A: Yes, it is possible. But there are settings that dictate the outcome.

What is this setting in your league? This field represent how long that player must stay on waivers before they are available to be claimed. (Go to League > Settings)

Can you be more specific about this “Folk claim was successful but is not on roster.” How do you know it was successful if thy are not on your roster? Did the fantasy manager receive an email about the transaction?

Hi, thanks for replying. Absolutely, I will specify as much as I can. Folk and Hoyer have never been owned, and thus never been dropped, and therefore I don’t the the waiver time would be an issue. Yes, the manager got an email that the waiver claims went through. But the players are not on the week 4 roster. You can, however, look at the week 5 matchup and see that the players are on the teams bench.

I know that, as commissioner, I could push it through. But if its a setting and not a glitch, then I believe it’s a tough luck situation.

In that case I would suggest the Yahoo waiver system is not cognizant of the switch to a Monday NE/KC game. The Waivers processed on Monday morning at 2am, after that game was expected to be played. During a schedule where games were not moved, like picking up an ATL/GB player would have likely resulted in that player being “available” for week 4.