Commish Question

Hey Footclan Community!!

I am the commish of my league and I got some pretty upset texts from some of the league owners about how they didn’t know there was a trade generated and the trade had gone through without them having a chance to vote. I got a lot of that is not fair, and the trade needs to be undone, and it is considered cheating. They also claimed that didn’t receive the email with the trade notification, but yet other owners said they did get the email. As the commish, would I just let the trade stay as is or should I backtrack it? I have an idea on how I’ll handle it, but I just wanted to get your take on this.


I think you just have to leave it as is. Unfortunate that they may have not been informed. If they had voted no, was there to overturn it anyways?

Couple of things:

  1. Trade vetos are stupid. Get rid of them. Should just be commissioner approval and only get turned down in the case of collusion. That is your biggest problem. When you do league trade vetos, people will always turn down a trade in their own interest and it’s dumb.

  2. Now that you do have it in place, it’s on the managers to stay informed. It’s not yours or anyone else’s job to babysit them and tell them about every trade. They should’ve checked the league itself. If you’re using yahoo, espn, whatever, there’s a trades and transactions page. They should’ve had plenty of time to see it. I personally check it multiple times.

In no world, do you reverse this trade because a bunch of grown men and women are being children and are upset they didn’t get to take part in a deal that probably all of them would have accepted if given the opportunity.

It’s not your job to please everyone. Ignore the children and move on.


In response to #1: I agree. The only thing I find tricky is when I am initiating a trade and have them upset because I only get to accept/veto it. However, I think I will change the trade vetos rule next season.

In response to #2: Glad you agree with me bud! I think the same thing. Even if you don’t get the email, you should be one to check the transactions page daily!